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Pray to God
The Guidances To Use The Prayer Of Asma'ul husna:
1) Please read the Prayer of Asma'ul husna after you do “Obligatory Prayer (shalat fardlu)” or “sunnat prayer (shalat sunnat)” .
2) Firstly, please read the Opening Prayer of the Prayer of Asmau'l husna.
3) Start to read the Prayer of Asma'ul husna from first to last (1-99).
4) Please read them (1-99) repeatedly, three times (3X) or five times (5X) or seven times (7X) or ten times (10X).
5) After you have done, close with the Closing Prayer of the Prayer of Asma'ul husna.
6) While you are reading the Prayer of Asma'ul husna, please raise your hope or your desire or your request to God in your heart!
7) By reading the Prayer of Asma'ul husna, you will get the following great experiences: 1. You will feel your body to be light, 2. You will feel an extraordinary calmness, 3.You can achieve your hope, your desire and your request to God such: healthy body and soul, get instructions (hidayah) from God about a problem that you face, the protection of God, get an easy rizqi, success in your business, get a mate, and others. 
8) And now, please scroll down to getting started. All the series of the Prayer of Asma'ulhusna  are listed below.


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